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The Shopfront aims:

  • To provide and offer mutual help, assistance and act as a referral to visitors who may be experiencing difficulties dealing with problems in their life i.e. accommodation, budgeting, depression, hunger, loneliness, addictions, violence;
  • To offer mutual help programs for the relief of sickness, distress and suffering within the general community;
  • To provide warm, caring, fellowship and hospitality to the visitors; and
  • To provide an opportunity for the visitors to socialise and make friends.
  • To network with other agencies to enable us to effectively assist people.


  • We provide some food and drink for those who call in.
  • Through St Vincent de Paul, we can occasionally assist with clothing, bedding, furniture, non-electrical household goods and some financial assistance with bill paying, for those in hardship.
  • We may help with emergency accommodation, food for families, transport vouchers or phone cards.
  • The Mobile GP doctor attends here on a Tuesday afternoon.
  • We refer those with health and homeless issues on to appropriate Government and Private agencies.
  • Among the many incidental things we do are, assisting people with long term housing and advocacy by referring them to other organisations.
  • We have shower and clothes washing facilities for those who are homeless.

Download the flyer below for relief services provided by other organisations within inner city Perth.

Where to Go – Crisis Resource December 2013


Monday – Friday 11.00 am – 2.00 pm – kitchen closes at 1.30pm (Except Public Holidays)

Monday evening 6.30 pm – 8.00 pm – kitchen closes at 7.30pm

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm – kitchen closes at 7.30pm

We ask that all visitors respect the following rules:

  • Adult service only – no children permitted on the property
  • No violence or bullying
  • Respect each other at all times
  • No drugs and alcohol on premises
  • No entry to intoxicated or stoned visitors
  • No smoking indoors

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The Shopfront is an agency funded by:


Supported by Lifelink

LifeLink is the fundraising organisation established by the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Perth, WA, to provide financial and other support for social services agencies established or supported by the Archdiocese of Perth. Click here to visit the LifeLink website www.lifelink.com.au

St Vincent de Paul

Click here if you want to visit the St Vincent de Paul Society’s website http://www.vinnies.org.au/home-wa