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Easter Reflection

Easter is almost upon us. I am wondering what this means for you as a volunteer? What
might it mean for our visitors?
Easter is about life. It is the time when we remember that a person, Jesus, was prepared to give all so that we may have life. Easter is a time when I remember how fortunate I am. I
have a happy marriage, employment and a faith that I find encouraging and supportive.
Easter is a moment when I can take stock and realise that the person of Jesus gave up his
life for me. The message of Easter for me is about hope. Jesus and his followers give me an example of how to live. Acting as justly and as honestly as I can, I am also aware of the many good people around me who despite the ups and downs of their lives keep smiling and striving to be the best that they can be.

Easter is a time to say ‘thank you’ and be appreciative of the many gifts that life is offering

For you, Easter means ?? … ??


Our evenings this year have seen a number of schools take on board an evening either
weekly or fortnightly. Thank you to the staff of Mazenod College, Aquinas College, St
Norbert’s College and St Peter’s Primary. The Bateman YCS have continued their monthly
rostered night. To these groups we also have the Marist Youth Ministry team. These groups have brilliantly augmented the small but intrepid group of individuals who have been coming regularly for some time.


Over a period of a year or so, Savio (a seminarian) was coming regularly to offer haircuts to
our visitors. As he was moving back to Geraldton to continue his ministry, towards the
middle of last year a friend of his: Sam (Samantha) joined him on a few occasions. Since
October and continuing on into this year Sam has been each fortnight. Thank you Sam.

Plastic Bags

As you would be aware the State Government has declared that as of July 1st the plastic bags that are used by the supermarkets will no longer be available. This will have an impact on us as we re-use the bags for the distribution of the bread, fruit and vegetables. I am open to suggestions as to alternatives that we will be able to use after the new legislation comes into effect. Any thoughts gratefully accepted!

The Homeless Jesus

Thank you to all our volunteers, supporters and visitors for opening your mind and hearts to each other. It is only ‘in the other’ than we truly find ourselves.

March 2018 Newsletter

January / February 2018 Newsletter

Welcome Back … Bienvenue … Selamat Datang ????? ????????

Many thanks to our many ‘old hands’ and the newbies who have made such a great start to 2018.

Last year we had a little over 4600 visitors to The Shopfront of whom 1900 were new to the centre and we had over 23300 repeat visits. Our wonderful volunteers gave over 9500 hours of caring and sharing service.

The first indications based on the first few weeks of this year, it is looking very similar numbers wise to last year.

Changes as forecast last year

The new year has been slow in getting the slight changes as to how our services operate becoming consistent. The good news is that our visitors are quite understanding and things are on track.

We clearly let our visitors know that our meals are simple: sandwiches (+soup in the evenings) and if and when available cakes and some form of dessert. For some time the range of food / desserts etc has become more than simple with often a myriad of choices. We will continue to offer a range of ‘goodies’ as they are available however it is not expected each and every day or evening to have more than the basics.

We continue to be open Monday to Friday 11.00am to 2.00pm. All food services cease at 1.30pm. The final 30 minutes allow for clean-up, last coffees & teas and for people who are waiting for assistance.

Similarly in the evening the last 30 minutes, ie from 7.30pm to 8.00pm is to be set aside for starting the clean-up.

I am hoping that the slight changes to the hours are making life just that little bit easier for you as a volunteer. Thanks so much for all that you do for the Shopfront and our visitors.

Mea Culpa

In the last newsletter in December I did not mention a fantastic donation we received from Boronia Women’s Pre Release Centre. We were the recipients of their Big Gala Day. Many thanks to the women at Boronia and the organisers of the day and a big THANK YOU for their support.

Some New faces

Last year we were fortunate to have Master of Social Work students from UWA here on a full time placement for 13 weeks during the second semester. We have partnered with UWA again this year and Long Le, a second year Master of Social Work student is with us until June on a full time basis. The number of supporters for Shopfront is legion. In addition to Mondo Butcher, many cafes and bakeries, and so many others we can now, thanks to a discussion with St Vincent De Paul, announce that we have entered into an arrangement with the Parmelia Hilton Hotel.

During January a series of discussions took place with Orange Sky Laundry. Starting Tuesday Jan 30th for a four week trial Orange Sky will be here with their van providing washing and drying facilities for up to 6 washes per day.

Please find the link to the newsletter, below.

January February 2018 Newsletter

December 2017 Newsletter

Christmas Party

Many thanks to our volunteers who have helped out in so many ways – before, on the day and after –  for our Visitor Christmas Party held on Saturday 25th November. It would not be an exaggeration to say a small group of volunteers spent hundreds of hours in bagging up gifts, preparing food, setting up the venue. Then of course we had the big day itself! The time, energy and commitment for the Christmas Party are in addition to our regular Shopfront services.

A word of thanks also to our wonderful school and parish supporters who helped with the ‘red bags’ for our Visitors and their children.

What a wonderful, generous and dedicated crew we have at The Shopfront!

The day itself was a wonderful expression of all that The Shopfront represents: warmth, acceptance, fun and conviviality.

A special thank you to Rosemary for her tireless energy, extra time and organisation that such an event requires.

Thank You & Farewell

It goes without saying that for many of our Visitors one of the most sought after items at the lunch and evening meals has been the apple crumble. For over twelve years, day in and day out, Marilyn has provided in excess of 600 apple crumbles and numerous banana cakes each YEAR. These past few years she has been progressively finding it more difficult to keep up the pace. Earlier this year Marilyn had a three week break and  subsequently asked to cut back to four days a week. In so many other quiet, unassuming yet powerful ways she has been a supporter of The Shopfront.  Time has come for Marilyn to reluctantly hang up her boots.

Marilyn – from so many Visitors, staff and volunteers that you have befriended over these past twelve years:  THANK YOU.

2018 Changes of Operating Hours

The new year will see a few changes as to how our services will operate.

We clearly let our visitors know that our meals are simple: sandwiches (+soup in the evenings) and if and when available cakes and some form of dessert. For some time the range of food / desserts etc has become more than simple with often a myriad of choices. We will continue to offer a range of ‘goodies’ as they are available however it is not expected each and every day or evening to have more than the basics.

We will continue to be open Monday to Friday 11.00am to 2.00pm. All food services will cease at 1.30pm. The final 30 minutes will allow for clean-up, last coffees & teas and for people who are waiting for assistance.

Similarly in the evening the last 30 minutes, ie from 7.30pm to 8.00pm will be set aside for clean-up.

Last Day for this year Wednesday 20th December

Reopen Monday 29th January for our Monday to Friday lunches

Evenings will begin the 1st week of February, ie Monday 5th Feb

Finally  ….

The Shopfront can only exist because of the love, care, generosity of our volunteers and many supporters.

Thank you for all you have given throughout 2017

A peace-filled and blessed Christmas to all of our volunteers and supporters.

Enjoy the break and we look forward to seeing you again in 2018

December Newsletter

Christmas Closing

Our hours of closure over Christmas and the New Year, are as follows:

Last day:                Wednesday 20th December 2017

Open in 2018:        Monday 29th January 2018

Please speak to us if you have any questions or concerns.


October 2017 Newsletter

Please click the link for the full newsletter:

October Newsletter Shopfront


Many thanks to our volunteers who have helped out over the past few weeks leading into and including the school holidays; we saw larger than usual number of visitors and all the volunteers deserve our sincere thanks for all their work.

Looking towards 2018 … it is that time of year again when planning is starting for the new year. Shopfront from its inception was dreamed of by Archbishop Hickey as a means whereby the Catholic community of Perth could find a practical expression of their faith. Over the next few weeks it would be very helpful if our present volunteers were able to look into their 2018 crystal ball and let us know of their availability again.

From the beginning of November there will be a form in the kitchen available for people to complete. Speak to Rosemary or Damian if there are any questions.

School Supporters

It goes without saying that without our many supporters Shopfront would not be able to provide the support to so many individuals and families that it does.  The catholic community, particularly our schools, provide us with so much support. The many hundreds of frozen meals, thousands of canned foods & boxes of toiletries that have been provided over the past school term by our schools has been phenomenal.   I would make a special mention of Irene McCormack College, Sacred Heart College, Santa Maria, Mater Dei College, CBC Fremantle, Newman College, John XX111, Chisholm College and St Denis’ & St Simon Peter Catholic Primary Schools for their fantastic efforts.

Web site

Our web site is on a frequent basis updated thanks to a volunteer. Latest news and events about The Shopfront, training opportunities provided by the Archdiocese are regularly added and updated.

Social Justice Statement Launch

Thursday 21st September was the launch for the 2017/2018 Catholic Bishops Social Justice Statement “Everyone’s Business”. Damian – with Bishop Don Sproxton – was a speaker at the launch. To obtain a copy of the 2017/2018 statement:

 Christmas Party

Hard to believe but true: – Saturday November 25th is fast approaching. This year the famous Shopfront Christmas has had to be brought forward. Rosemary has been busy with the planning and everything is beginning to take shape. The past few years we have had over three hundred visitors and their families join us to celebrate.  Very shortly Rosemary will be seeking volunteers and their friends to let her know how they may be able to help out again this year.

The Rise Recreation Centre, 28 Eighth Ave

11.30 to 2.00pm

Once again this year The Rise has been provided at no charge by the City of Bayswater for this event. We offer our sincere Thank you.

A number of schools have indicated their support in collection of ‘goodies’ for the Christmas bags. Please speak to Rosemary if you have any extra spare time to help with the preparation of this fanatically popular, lively and entertaining day.

Prayerful Support

A number of our volunteers have been unwell and/or have had close relatives die in the past few months. We have been remembering these individuals and their families in our morning reflection and prayer as we begin each day here at The Shopfront.

2017 Catholic Bishops Social Justice Statement

The Director of the Shopfront, Damian Walsh, was one of the speakers at the launch of the 2017 Catholic Bishops Social Justice Statement on the 21st September.  He shared the experiences of how The Shopfront and the many volunteers serve the homeless and less fortunate in our society.

Bishop Don Sproxton and Damian

Damian at the 2017 Catholic Bishops Social Justice Statement

Newsletter   August 2017






Volunteer Training Day – Coffee Cup Listening

A small group met on a cold and wintry Saturday morning in late JULY. We started the morning with a short reflection and followed this with a 45 minute workshop on reflective listening.

Following morning tea there was an opportunity to hear concerns and share information and plans for the coming few months here at the Shopfront.

Up dated web site

Thanks to a new volunteer – Tricia, a teacher at Newman College – we have an updated and refreshed website.   Our on-going hope is that we will be regularly updating information. Stay tuned!

Volunteer Rosters

At present when all things are flowing smoothly we seem to have all days and evening covered. From time to time we are still “under the pump” if for whatever reason a person is unable to make it. Ideally we have at least five volunteers + a person in charge at all times. When we have greater numbers it is the perfect opportunity to meet and chat informally with our visitors. If you cannot make it to your rostered day/evening it would be helpful if you were able to arrange for a substitute.

Extra Hands make light Work

Earlier in the year we had three 1st Year Seminarians (Nathan, Adam & Matthew) with us on a Friday for three months. Luckily for us a TAFE student (Anne) completed her 100 hours of practicum over three weeks. For the past seven weeks two UWA Masters in Social Work students (Ammar & Martin) have been with us full time as they complete their 13 week placement.

First Year Seminarians

Nathan Barrie                    Adam Quinlivan                  Matthew Tolczek
Diocese of Bunbury          Archdiocese of Perth          Archdiocese of Perth

Health and Safety

The wellbeing of all visitors and volunteers is paramount. We have updated our link on the website for new volunteers.   Volunteer Guidelines updated 2017.